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I have been a successful selling artist and songwriter since 2001, Signed to Warner Music, I’ve written hits for Disney and artists all over the world. I know what it takes to be an independent but I also know how awesome it is to have the support of a record label.  A problem I found, was that once we had developed the sound, I found the artists needed branding, social media, marketing 

plans, strategy, management, this is where the rest of our services came in. We have since become a one stop shop for all things music biz!


Pay by the hour, no ongoing contract. No other company will offer you this service. This will give you the flexibility you need and we will will be able to provide a service that can be adapted to your needs.


You love singing, you love gigging and you believe you are ready to take it to the world……

Don’t know where to start?


Video is the new black. We all know it and you need it!

Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Website, Blogs… for everything you do and everywhere you go you will need a video in order to present yourself to the world.


If you are a seasoned artist, and are about to embark on a new exciting stage, we can give you independent legal advice to ensure you are getting the most out of every new commitment.

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