Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is any aspiring artist’s dream.

We will work with you, from selecting your best tracks, music production, all artist and brand development, through to being release ready. We will source the perfect promotion and release strategy,

The package also includes your own website so everyone can find you and check out your music in one click and social media training so you can maximise in the use of those powerful tools.

During your meeting our director Bec Caruana will listen to you and give you a deep analysis of your current artist/band situation and establish where you are at with your career. You will come out of the meeting with a clear plan of action that will help you get the ball rolling.

Have career plan and budget mapped out for you by our music industry legal adviser and business manager, Louis Calleja.

Songwriting or recording day with Platinum Award winning writers & producer.

An 8 hour studio day with our director, platinum award winning songwriter, Bec Caruana and a producer of your choice from our impressive team. This includes 8 Hours Studio time to write or record, vocal recording, coaching, mixing and production. You will be networking with industry legends and provided with unmatched experience and mentoring.

Having a great brand & style is vital when appealing to your audience. Taking into account your music, your own style and your audience we will work together to develop your own brand and image.

Once we develop your brand concept & image we will work with our talented graphic designers to develop your own logo.

Every artist/band needs professional looking promo photos for your product and to present to the media. We work with outstanding photographers who offer direction and deliver artful images for you to use in all your promotion and artwork.

An EPK is a presentation card to send out to press, labels, venues. We will create a professional looking EPK that will include your images, branding, bio and all the key information about you and your music.

Social media is everywhere and is the most effective way to reach your audience, show and share your music and most importantly receive feedback, all while creating a fan base. Social Media looks easy, but it is a whole world on it’s own. If you are great at this, you can generate an income that will fund your music career.

Our Social Media expert will have a full one on one session with you where you will learn the fundamentals of social media, how to talk to your people and how to make the most of any post!

Using your logo, and your new photos our talented team of designers will create the cover art for your new single.

If google doesn’t find you, no one will. We will create a one stop brochure website that will showcase you and your music to the world.

Once everything is ready to go, we need to let your potential audience know about your music. We will set campaigns to bring your target audience to your pages, and put your music in front of them.

Mastering of one song with the highest quality available.

We will select the perfect team from our recommended professionals to distribute, release and promote your product.


  • Career consultation
  • Career plan
  • Songwriting or recording day with platinum award winning writer & producer
  • Brand & image development
  • Logo design
  • Photo shoot session
  • EPK (copy & design)
  • Social media training session
  • Cover art
  • Website
  • Facebook & Instagram paid campaign
  • Mastering
  • Release & promotion strategy

The complete platinum package is valued at over $8000

Your total price is only $6980




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