Sven Tydeman (Sydney)

Sven Tydeman (Sydney)

Sven has co-written, written, produced, recorded, managed, distributed and collaborated with some of Australia’s most successful music artists.

Sven has been working with soundscapes, production and audio engineering for just over 15 years and he specializes in producing demos, singles, LP’s and albums for artists leveraging his

extensive music background to ensure the final mix delivered is ready to be embraced by any professional within the Australian Music Industry.

His credits include : Josh Pyke (winner of 2 x Aria awards 2007), Tina  Cousins, Paulini (Australian Idol), Erika Heynatz  (EMI), Candice Alley  (Top 40 Billboard USA) and Gary Pinto among others. Another one of the nicest guys in the biz.


– Josh Pyke, Tina Cousins, Paulini, Erika Heynatz , Candice Alley, Gary Pinto, Toni Pearen, Robyn Loau , Anthony Snape , Tiffani Wood.